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It was a year I was dreading.  I was to be a bridesmaid in four weddings, the number on the scale kept getting higher, and my energy levels were sluggish, at best.  I decided to get serious about my health and began seeing Ed and Marlene twice a week.  The first wedding came and I had lost a few pounds.  Twice a week soon became 3 times a week. By the next wedding 6 weeks later, my body had transformed.  After adding one more day, by the 3rd wedding 4 months later, I was a different person who loved her body and was excited to wear the bridesmaids dress.  Thank you Ed and Marlene!

Jackie C.

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Our 1500 Locust residents that are not in the system we remind you that you have to fill out TWO profiles, one on the my building site (this is the building portal) and one here by clicking on that orange circle on the homepage. Please then send an email through the portal to us (apartment 1419) so that we have a record that you are a resident, we then can get your profile set up and get you on your way.The most effective way to reach us for any questions is through our email at

Posted by Administrator on Fri, 7 Nov 2014

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