The weather outside is frightful

So as the weather outside is still frightful, Nawrocki Fitness continues to make your body look great under all those layers. The start of our next session of classes is coming up and before you know it we will be shedding and enjoying the warmer weather. So what better way to get yourself ready then to sign up for some of our classes. Below you will see a description of the small groups we are offering. A new “fusion” class has been added to keep up with the Nawrocki Fitness Body Aware method.

PILATES MAT WITH EQUIPMENT- A small group using a variety of equipment to simulate the apparatus workout. Maximum of 4 people per class

DYNAMIC BODY BURN- A total body conditioning class no more then four people using dumbbells, exercise machines and equipment. A great body-toning workout!

BODY AWARE- A mixture of both Pilates and weight resistance with the occasional cardio in between. This is the anything goes workout, and a great way to get to know what Nawrocki Fitness has to offer. Maximum of 4 people per class

We need at least three people in order to run the group. The times and days are flexible but all people in the group must agree. The cost for all six sessions is $150 per person. If you are unable to commit to six sessions (mind you they may not be consecutive) it is $28 per class upon availability.

Look for our website as we are in the process of launching it

Coming in April- Run with your friends and us Saturday morning along the river! (A complimentary class) Interested? Contact us at or 215-670-2030

As always we are also offering one on one services. For rates and packages please contact us.