Happy Holidays! and happy exercising to keep those pounds off!!!

It is that time of year, when the weather changes, the eating holidays hit and we lose momentum of our goals. Nawrocki Fitness has plenty of great options that are tailored to your needs, all for extremely reasonable prices. If you are a one on one kind of person for the next few months we have “upped” our off peak hours on Monday- Thursday to booking between the hours of 2pm-5:15pm, we are coming up with new and fun ideas for classes every week and it still warrants the one on one feel since our small groups only hold four people! (To sign up for these classes click the mind body link on the right) Lastly our 1500 Locust residents have no excuse, the array of free resident classes provides for a perfectly rounded fitness routine and if you need a friend they can join for only $15!!
Stay healthy and moving in this hectic time and we swear Aunt Mildred will be much easier to bear;)