We are so excited to move into fall and the return of Zumba and our new instructors of yoga. Please remember 1500 locust residents these classes are complimentary, as well as Body Burn, Mat Pilates, and Aqua Aerobics and at least one half price small group class per week are just some of the amenities at 1500. But in order to take advantage of the amenities we need you to please click on the orange circle located on this home screen fill out a profile and contact us through the resident portal so we can put in your membership. We pride ourselves on making sure residents enjoy these classes we do welcome outside guests for a small fee of $15. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us our most effective email is nawrockifitness@icloud.com

If you know you have already filled out a profile and have not been active in the classes for some time you will need to recontact us to have us reactivate your membership.

Thank you! Hope to see you in classes soon!!