As the weather gets cooler......

Finally!! it seems fall has come!!
We want to remind all of you and tell our new residents that the class locations will start changing. For the month of October we have added a new Wednesday night intense abs class, it is 30 minutes long and held in the NAWROCKI FINESS studio in 1419. BUT please note due to it’s location you must sign up online beforehand and show up on time, our suggestion is to get to the door by 6:55pm. This is mandatory due to the set up of the class for your safety and the safety of the other participants.
Yoga on Monday night has now moved into the pool area and pretty soon the Sunday morning yoga will be moving to it’s winter location also in the NAWROCKI FITNESS studio where there is limited space and showing up on time, is again, for your safety!
Body Burn will be remaining outside on the PC level sundeck for this month and possibly into November, but please note with the cooler temparatures the warm up is crucial so please make sure to give yourself plenty of time to wait for the elevators and show up to class on time.

If you are a new resident to 1500 Locust most of these classes are complimentary! BUT in order to take advantage of the amenities we need you to please click on the orange circle located on this home screen fill out a profile and contact us through the resident portal so we can put in your membership. We pride ourselves on making sure residents enjoy these classes we do welcome outside guests to some classes for a small fee of $15. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us our most effective email is
If you know you have already filled out a profile and have not been active in the classes for some time you will need to recontact us to have us reactivate your membership.